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August 18 2014, 5am

...2 days ago


When your heart is racing and your feet are pumping, do the passerby’s know you are doing so much more than running to the beat of your iPods music? Do they know how you’ve been up since 5 o clock, working yourself to rid of the pounds that mock you every day? That, for every meal you eat, you punish yourself with another gruesome hour on the trail?

When your hair is a mess and your eyes are drooping as you tiredly order a coffee, strangers see a woman who got lost in her dreams and forgot the days responsibilities. They don’t know you were up all night trying to comfort a friend out of suicide.

When your hands are sweaty and your smile becomes too crooked, too forced, too fake, they don’t see a girl who cries before leaving her house; a girl who hides herself in her room because life outside is much too scary for her; a girl who’s stomach coils and groans at the thought of leaving. They see her and say, “Yeah, I’m socially awkward too” or whisper to her mom about a therapist because she is sick, or ask why she is “so shy” and that “she should talk more” because the way she is is boring and makes them feel uncomfortable. She should just talk more, they say.

Strangers have been given the undeserved ability to define you and who you are and what your life is by the littlest details they can find. The mystery of people will always be a irresistible riddle. The perspective of a stranger is the most dangerous view because of how oblivious they are to your whole story. Someone could be hurting and strangers decide they are just late for work.




day twelve

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August 17 2014, 5am

...3 days ago

  • antagonist: this fight is over. - turns around -
  • protagonist: -gets up and coughs up blood. - NoT YET
  • antagonist: dude what you're like almost cut in half? like just take the loss this time like i'll even call you an ambulance
  • protagonist: CUT THE BULLSHIT I'M GONNA WIN --
  • antagonist: dude how is your spine supporting your body do you even believe in biology?? gross

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